Love On-Air

Type: Movie

Release Date: January 2012

Director: Kwon Chil-In

Genre: romance, comedy

Description: Jin-A is the former leader of idol group Purple, one of the first generation of girl groups in South Korea and also the most popular at that time. She now hosts the radio program “Wonderful Radio,” but the program suffers from low ratings. The show’s producer then takes time off to give birth. Her replacement is Lee Jae-Ik. Jin-A is late for her first meeting with PD Lee Jae-Ik. Because of this, PD Lee Jae-Ik gets an unfavorable impression of Jin-A and their relationship soon turns worse. During the meeting, PD Lee Jae-Ik instructs the staff to create a new section for the radio program to increase ratings.


  • Robert Gale

    Love this movie, funny, witty, love the songs. Thank you for the upload.

  • Georgie

    Watched for 10 minutes, Asian women should NOT pump-up their lips, very unnatural and distracting as Lee Min Jung, cannot stand watching her big lips go up and down…