Alternative Title: Lookout/The Guardian

Total Episodes: ?

Status: Currently Airing

Genres: crime, romance

Description: When both the police and the prosecution give up on a case, the victim’s family has no choice but to fight for the truth themselves. In a world where justice does not always prevail, these individuals strive to right the wrong. The Guardian is about such group of people whose world turned upside down by the sudden loss of their beloved ones. They hack CCTVs, computers, and phones in order to keep their eyes on the criminals 24-7. Furthermore, they guess the perpetrators’ actions beforehand and try to stop them.

  • daisy jean

    When is the next episode come out.

  • daisy jean

    Jang Do-Han is an innocent pure evil man😇😇

  • Kim woo bin

    very disappointed 😞 in ending