Lookout Episode 32 English Sub


  • niagirl

    Absolutely disappointedin this finale.


    damn it…i don’t know what to feel but the leader definitely deserved a happy ending and that kid needed to die instead of him……did she even get her revenge?what happened to the kid?is he alive?dead?OR IN JAIL? Why is she not in jail….isn’t she a fugitive? This is so fucking sad and disappointing. so many unanswered question…..will there be a second season maybe? this isn’t what i signed up for………

  • bLanK

    it was an ok ending but all in all it was an amazing drama

  • janani

    that kimbap scene made me cry somuch
    this is the best drama
    even tho if he lived he wont be getting somuch love like this

  • Cuscusgrass

    A year later Soo Ji is back kicking butt … and the Guardians are on the Lookout… 😀
    Awesome drama …but a sketchy ending. No clarity on whether St Wan is dead or alive. I prefer to think that he’s dead. Drama Land is safer with that nutcase 6 feet under.

    SMH @ Si Wan’s mother. When pregnant, she hoped that he wouldn’t be a “monster” like his father. She forgot that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. A monster can only produce a monster.

    Felt sorry about Prosecutor Jang, I enjoyed watching his shenanigans and was hoping he’d survive.