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  • Cuscusgrass

    The moment a parent honestly reveals that she’s afraid of her own child.
    Coddling and covering up the bad things that he did made him cocky and unrepentant, and turned him into a monster. He laughs at his mother’s fear and dares her to do something …. Craziness.

    The moment Prosecutor Jang reveals the truth …..
    He confessed to the Priest that he didn’t think the boy would do anything. In that moment of hesitation
    “Psycho Boy” pushed Soo Ji’s daughter off the roof. He’ll have to live with that guilt….. SMH

    So glad the prosecutor found Detective Nam’s phone ….
    These “powerful” jerks only think about themselves and their families, They don’t care about how many lives they destroy. They have no qualms to bribe, frame, falsely accuse, or kill anyone who gets in their way….. yet their profession is to uphold the law and justice. SMH.