• Cuscusgrass

    SMH @ Detective Nam: “I caught the spy…, I caught the witness…, I killed them when I was told to… What did I do wrong?” Hellloooo…. You are supposed to uphold the law, but you followed orders and made yourself a greedy, corrupt cop and a criminal. And yet you don’t know what you did wrong….. .

    ~ SMH at the “Psycho Student”…. He’s getting a kick knowing that the Detective is watching….
    ~ SMH @ the Detective’s daughter …. Foolish girl. Desperate for a friend and falling for lies. With a friend like this nutcase you don’t need an enemy. Did she really expect that he would say that he killed Yu Na? She’s learning a hard lesson in who she should trust and who’s really a friend.
    ~ SMH at Prosecutor Jang. Like I said before… He should have kept his mouth shut.
    Never let your enemy know your plans. Never count your chickens before they hatch….