Live Up To Your Name Episode 2 English Sub


  • Cuscusgrass

    Little bratty patient doesn’t want to live ….. Let her go.
    Probably tired of all the medical treatments and restrictions of her illness…
    Still …ill or not, she should be respectful to her elders and to the Doctors responsible for her care …. but with a haughty, condescending mother and her VIP status, I’m not surprised at her behavior.

    One thing is for sure … One should never be disrespectful to a Doctor, Pharmacist, Mechanic, Chef … or anyone who can “mess you up”…. Trust and believe. ;-D

    • Robert Gale

      Some of those so called Doctors, Pharmacist, Mechanics and Chefs can be real money driven arse holes. They only care about “MONEY”.

      • Cuscusgrass

        True that … but be jerks to them and they can “mess you up”… and easily get away with it. Best to think twice when dealing with people who can adversely affect your health, body … or finances.

  • room5120

    ok, kinda stupid that they didn’t put the patient on one to one..A patient care technician or a nurse’s aide should be watching the patient closely since she has history of multiple elopement and she’s due for an important surgery..and NO, the incompetent nanny doesn’t suffice.

  • Robert Gale

    As far as the little brat patient, tie her to the bed. Then everyone will be happy.

  • Joanna Strobel

    I thought that the parent is obligated to keep track of his/her child (or a nanny), not a hospital, but oh well…