Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 10 English Sub


  • Beauty

    haha! the drunkard Joon Jae is so adorable

  • Kim Ha Na

    Oh my gosh!! he can hear her thoughts now! not only that he remembers his faded memories of her in Spain but also regain the memories of Dam Ryeong! Shock!. How did that happen? This is getting me really excited, the plot is finally moving along and I can’t wait for the next episode

    Also, Tae Oh sudden confession to Shi Ah in order for her not to go
    inside was one of the best scenes of the episode!!! hahaha.

  • roronoa marimo

    dafaqqqqq this episode fucked up my heart so bad. i need the next episode soon!!

  • LJ Olaguir

    episode 11 please ;(