Introverted Boss Episode 13 English Sub



  • Rain

    I did not like this episode at all — 🙁

    • An3 Kings

      Yeah, it seems like this episode was …rushed? Too much going on? Like the scene with the dad. It was not given its due. Also I didn’t like how a few things happened at the end.
      *******spoiler alert**********
      I didn’t like that she went to the wedding. What was she going to do if it he wasn’t confessing when he got there? Confront him anyway and ruin a special occasion?
      Why did she arrive before Boss did?
      Also I didn’t like her acting in this scene. The Fake crying was bad.

      I hope the next one is better.

      • Rain

        Totally agree, even worse I did not like the scenes between her and the Boss felt like there was something missing. And when she found out that the boss’s sister is the killer ( or the one responsible) her reaction was so cold like what the hell!!
        so much disappointment in this episode hopefully things will get better I don’t want regret watching it.

    • Shd.2z

      I don’t agree with you.. this drama was the best for me in actor and crew serial was amazing this is my opinion 😊

  • Shimi

    we’ve been waiting for this episode but maaan my heart x_x

  • An3 Kings

    Yeah this episode seemed a little . . .rushed. Like sum of this stuff should have happened in previous episodes. Some of the events were not given their due, like the dad’s scene. Did he have to do it all in the same night?