Hwarang Episode 15 English Sub


  • JustADramaLover

    this episode was sad, i kinda pitty the real king…:(

    • Mary Joyce Carro

      yeah. he should speak up. 🙁

  • Summer Breeze

    Wow, what a very nice episode, what a very nice passionate kiss and ending. So sorry the king has to witness it himself. Poor thing. Love both guys though in this drama.

  • whitecrane17

    OMG. Daebak…now it’s getting good! Finally, the episode where things are really happening. Love love PSJ!! He really is king…or should be! (not a spoiler…good they’re keeping the guessing game going).

    • Intan Nurul Syahida

      I think Park Seo Joon is really the King of Silla. Hehehe..

  • Lyricalxx

    Wow the song in the start omg! So beautiful

  • Namstar “Kookie” Delight

    I’m feeling the pain of Sam Mek Jeong! From failing to tell the truth and save the people and the most painful witnessing the one you love and the one you considered your only friend kiss. hayss. Hoping that things will be well for Mek Jeong atleast..

  • Nelson Ranque

    The song uggghhhh its nice I fell in love😂😂 but the king jealous to psj.. What a nice drama

  • Intan Nurul Syahida

    I love the song and I get all the ost. I will listen to it every day. 🙂