Goblin Episode 4 English Sub


  • snow mafe

    M I the only one loving this drama as it goes by..it is so interesting and the CAST are cute and LOVELY at the same time….NICE NICE..Can’t wait for the next episode…

    • Kim Ha Na

      You ain’t the only one dear, I’m also in love with this drama. agreed about the casting, but I especially love the BROMANCE between Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, it makes the drama so entertaining to watch.

      • snow mafe

        Kyaaa exactly my thought dear…They’re so cute everytime they do things together…

  • Misty

    I am also loving this show. I am new to it. When do they upload next episode?

    • Next week again. It airs every Friday and Saturday

  • COFFEE!!

    Can’t believe how quick these r uploaded <3 I feel like a KA refugee, but I might decide to watch here from now on XD

    • snow mafe

      Forgive my asking but can you still enter KA ?? coz i cannot…everytime i enter KA on the address link i am being transferred to another site…I’m wondering really..Did I broke their rules??

      • COFFEE!!

        Um while it is possible that you broke the rules, the main issue with Kissanime/Kissasian is that they had a DOSS attack (similar to the one that happened last year) and they are patching up the website right now and it has been offline for the past week or so

        • snow mafe

          ..oh okay…i’m positive that i didn’t break their rules tho..so maybe it is with their website

      • COFFEE!!

        KA is up if you were unaware <3

  • ʕ◠ ᴥ ◠ʔ

    who else had a miniature heart attack when she was walking on the zebra crossing? BECAUSE I DID. Anytime there is a zebra crossing I feel like the kdrama cliche will be used but thank god, it wasn’t used.

    • COFFEE!!

      Like american shows whenever they are driving and keep staring at each other and not the road XD

  • cznnshr_1210

    I think I like drunk goblin more than sobered goblin. hehehe. <3

  • Nancy Raju

    When do they upload the sub after its been aired.

  • Mel

    Where can i download the drama? I don’t see a download link on the video players

    • ***

      you cant down load it.. if you have mozilla firefox.. just download flash video downloader

  • Tom Bob

    Deok Hwa acted in the drama they were showing at the restaurant!! the morning drama!!
    It was Achiara’s Secret

  • MaestrO Frags

    how cute can she goes