Goblin Episode 3 English Sub


  • bibi days

    i love this drama ^_^

  • el

    omgomgomg i don’t want him to disappear :((

    • snow mafe

      Don’t worry he will not disappear..another variable will intercept that..let’s wait for more of this interesting drama..

    • chou

      Don’t worry Kim Eun-sook always have happy ending ><

    • Aviel StJanes

      dont worry we still have 12 left

  • It’s me

    when will the next episode air??

    • PelSie x

      its airs on friday and sat

  • HesTia

    why do I have this feeling that she doesn’t really see the sword.🤔

    • OneHellOfAnimeLover

      LIke she lied because she wants him to stay

      • HesTia

        Yeah! Maybe one of the ghosts told her about the sword. I was thinking before that she’ll be able to see the sword once she truly fell in love with the Goblin. Anyway! we’ll find out soon!

        • OneHellOfAnimeLover

          YESS, cant believe we thought of the same thing LMAO
          Will find out soon but the wait tho…. ><

      • Aviel StJanes

        but then how would she know its a sword of all things as well as what it looks like.

        • OneHellOfAnimeLover

          I guess Gong Yoo accidentally spilled it when he was drunk, or she can ask other ghosts about it right?

          • Aviel StJanes

            Nope even drunk he was too scared to tell her also only she is supposed to be able to see it or else he could have just had a ghost bride years ago

    • Aviel StJanes

      but then how would she know its a sword of all things as well as what it looks like?

      • HesTia

        bianeyo! I’m convinced now that she really sees it after watching episode 4.✌🏼️

  • So Hyun

    think Sunny was the queen in her previous life and the grim reaper was
    the king. He became grim reaper as a punishment for killing those
    innocent people including the queen and the goblin. And that’s why they
    hate each other and don’t get along together. Just my own perspective. Maybe i’m wrong.

    • queenninaw

      i am thinking the same

      • So Hyun


    • Goblin

      Same and also the ring at ep1 kim so hyun is wearing that…the ring will bring them back together

      • So Hyun

        Saw that one too.

    • Mako

      no they’re not.. the goblin knows the king and he mention it when he was watching tv

      • So Hyun

        Well, i’m not that sure ’bout it. I just have a feeling that they’re the reincarnation of the queen and king from the past. ‘Cause the ring is the same as the queen’s. And the Grim Reaper doesn’t even know why his tear fell when he first saw Sunny. And remember when Kim Shin said that Grim Reapers are being punished for their great sins.

      • So Hyun

        Anyways, the truth will be revealed soon. Let’s just wait. :))

  • COFFEE!!

    I feel like she was fucking around but then since she pointed it out she can actually see it

    • el

      omg same! (╯°□°)╯

  • Boodz

    I love this drama especially the cute animation characters at the openings

  • cznnshr_1210

    OMG. Only 11mins of episode 3 and I was already squealing like a pig. DEMN. My OTP. THE SHIP IS SAILLING~! 😀