Goblin Episode 16 English Sub


  • Melinda Lehan

    I was surprised they didn’t use another actress but quoting something similar she spoke or did that surprised his melancholy

  • stefaniej90

    omg its over! it cant be! i loved all those characters the story was beautiful, it make me laugh it make me cry, it filled the empty spot in my hear and now its empty again what should i do https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1399a53b9d1081d1b635d8913b10ae2bc48776cdb397bb9d6cfe8d29e25229d.jpg

    • stefaniej90

      uhh Introverted Boss looks good nevermind forget what i just said! bye until my next breakdown!

  • hifsa

    Such an excellent drama, I cant believe its over… There might never be one like it, it really touched my heart…

  • Ri

    So good! <3 Now I cried all my tears out XD
    This was such a beautiful and satisfying ending just as it was a beautiful Drama <3

  • Roquelina F. Bryant G.

    It was not as sad as expected. Loved it. Excellent drama and worth watching again.

  • HyperTaemin93

    That was beautiful, I have never cried so much for a kdrama. This drama is worth watching a million times! I can never get tired of it πŸ˜€ the ending made me so happy for the grim reaper. Kim Sun, Goblin and Eun Tak.

  • K-NoLife

    Am I dead already? This kdrama got me like TT…. 2 last episodes were the most heartbreaking for me and I think I’m going to rewatch Goblin many times :’)

  • Lyricalxx

    Oh my I am in tears. How beautiful. I thank everyone so much for everyone who had anything to do with this drama! It is definitely a memorable one. Everything is memorable. Thank you, sarangne x

  • lemon candy

    Aigooo I’m crying…It ended, shit

  • August Eleven

    Oh goodness… My heartue T.T

  • Kim K

    I am so going to miss this show 😭

  • Kaye

    Aaaww, so fast! 😭 I will surely miss them all. As usual, Gong Yoo delivered πŸ‘

  • Storm Sandy

    Well Done……

  • Deborah Wokpetah

    Omg when Ji Eun Tak died, I nearly lost my mind!!!!! This drama is daebaakkkkk and so sad!!! Broke my heart more than I could handle…Now I need to go visit a cardiologist hehehehe

  • Robert Gale

    What a great ending, I loved every min of it. I am going to miss goblin, with a superb cast and crew. I cried Oceans.

  • Shyness Ordnz

    That was wonderful! I am going to miss this show and all the loveable characters in it!

  • Maria Widstrom

    This is one of the best Kdramas ever. The historical aspect was dealt with in a way where the audience really loved to see the bygone eras. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me believe each storyline and the Acting was MAGNIFICIENT. The cast worked very well together and you could feel the true friendship and caring shine through each character. THE DRAMA OF THE YEAR & ACTOR & ACTRESS OF THE YEAR in Gong You and Kim Go Eun. SARANGUE GOBLIN!

  • Asma Ben Ali

    You made me laugh and cry as if i lived with you <3
    Gong you you're the man ! Goblin is the drama of the year <3
    Love you

  • Neviditta tamang

    I loved it like totally πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Thank u iheartdrama fr i was able to watch this
    Beautiful drama πŸ’•

  • ν—¬λ₯΄ 금

    I loved it so much my soul was dying in tears

  • meow

    Why are people saying that they’re excited for season 2? I don’t think there will be a 2nd season..

  • E.Na

    BRAVO!!!!!!!! Splendid and meticulously done on all aspects of this drama.

  • Nang Delos

    Sarangue! Goblin is by far the best Kdrama I’ve watched. It has taken me to a roller coaster emotions. The actors and actresses delivered the story beautifully. Kudos to the amazing scriptwriter and director! The story inspired me to not to lose hope in finding ur greatest love in life coz great true love will conquers all! Thank you for the happy ending.