Fight My Way Episode 9 English Sub



  • alwaysbeminoz(:

    His annoying ex better not steal Ae Ra’s MC job >.<

  • princess kaycee

    OMG that ending hahaha what are Ae Ra and Dong Man gonna do once they see three people waiting ok make that four because of coach-nim.. Hahaha and I am glad that Sul Hee’s bf finally admited it all to everyone. But I wonder will Sul Hee get discovered by tv and make herself big as well? I really don’t want her just to be a plain house wife (even though she wants to be) but this looks interesting and it looks like Ae Ra will finally get discovered soon as well.. hopefully.. Or that their landlady will somewhat help them.

  • MsUGC

    OMG! Aera’s apa is coming! ahahahah wtf you are so dead Dong Man!

  • Marissa Criselda Villanueva

    episode 10 please

  • Ummu Ditya Erliana

    OMG… It’s so funny… I like this drama a lot… Cannot stop to laugh XD


    rookie playing at 17:09 XD