Fight My Way Episode 6 English Sub



  • ss.aran

    SO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you <3

  • Changmin’s secret girl

    I want to scratch something…
    seems that ex-gf announcer’s face seems the right thing

    • ThenAgain…

      lol I want to see her and ae ra fight. Ae ra would kick her ass!

      • Changmin’s secret girl

        Idk what makes ae ra hold herself tho… imo, ae ra looks though only with people whom she’s comfortable with. In some cases, it seems that she kinda has low esteem (?) esp. when her opponent has higher status than her. Or, ae ra’s actually like a time bomb waiting its time to explode.

        • ThenAgain…

          I think you’re right about her self esteem being low, but after that scene with the drunk men betting on who has to take her home it’s hard for me to agree that’s she’s not tough. Girl can take care of herself.

          • Changmin’s secret girl

            Yes, hope she can do the same or even more, like kick them all to the curb

  • Miles Edgeworth

    I always get turned off with the drama if the leads are having a kiss with another person none other than themselves welp maybe I don’t like some third party shit oh well

  • alwaysbeminoz(:

    Moo Bin is wayyyyy too cute for his own good. Ae Ra obviously doesn’t like cute guys like him so when she does give him a solid ‘no’ (which she kinda did when she saw Dong Man) he’s going to be so hurt.

    • ThenAgain…

      But it’s also his own fault in a way. He’s putting all this pressure and expectation on a girl he barely knows. It bothers me that he thinks he has a right to tell her not to talk to her friend just because he rented that expensive hospital suite. His attention isn’t cute- personally I find it demanding. He seems to believe that if a man does a few things for woman that she has a responsibility to return his feelings. But the truth is she never asked for any of those things. His mindset is the problem here.

      • Screaming Bagel

        I was just thinking the same thing….

  • ThenAgain…

    I love the landlady! Idk how she heard about ae ra but it’s pretty awesome that she went and yelled at the store about it!!

    • Changmin’s secret girl

      she’s actually the mall owner?? *goosebumps*

  • selyra

    i didn’t recognize the landlady at the department store!!! she’s really looking good there that I didn’t recognized her!

  • I think it’s Time for confession next episode
    Moo bin’s words are so sweet

    • Changmin’s secret girl

      I’d definitely jump into this guy if I were ae ra, the thing is I’m not ae ra, and ae ra’s not me, and NO DOCTOR follow me around saying these cheesy stuffs. sad

  • Pekas

    The second lead story rocks! lovely and way to go with how the guy fight for his girl!!!!!

  • Le147

    Why are side-character women always so mean-spirited?!?!? Ugh, I am repulsed by the catty insecurity: having to beat others down and trash talk them to make themselves feel good.

  • Robert Gale

    This totally sucks, is that little shit doctor the same one who let her get slapped in the car park. who shit himself when there was a fight. And now he wants her, that little shit.