Fight My Way Episode 5 English Sub



  • princess kaycee

    When I saw that ending I knew that coach-nim was right 🙁 I hope that isn’t the end of everything for Dong Man! Huhu the look on Ae Ra’s face you can tell that she really loves Dong Man but doesn’t want to admit it, or she did but got heart broken, or she doesn’t want to break the friendship she has with Dong Man. I kinda feel for Sul Hee, I know how she feels, or I guess any girl can know how she feels because its hard to fight against a slutty/flirty girl when its your bf you are taling about. Yes Sul Hee trusts her bf, but remember, you can never trust a girl who has a motive for your bf. But…. I really wish that Dong Man listened to his coach I hope that everything turns out well for Ae Ra and Dong Man in achieving their dreams… Man that preview… I am feeling bad for Sul Hee.. Because I can kinda relate with their relationship with her bf because that’s how I was treated then.. And whats sad was me and my ex broke up hahaha.. Oh well I am liking this drama.. Key you sure are active in acting you are here in Fight My Way and in Lookout both amazing dramas! I have this time you get more dramas or be a main lead.. You just so cute esp when you wanted to make everything perfect for your date with AeRa 🙂

    • NL Hanz

      In here, that was not key.
      He is Choi woo shik 🙂

  • ThenAgain…

    I’m pretty sure he’s going to jump up at the sound of her encouragement- the people he loves- his family and ae ra -are always the one that give him the motivation to win. He’ll come out on top.

  • Pekas

    The second lead couple are so cute!!!!!

  • Screaming Bagel

    Awww Sul Hee is so cute!! I feel for her so much… Our OTP is seriously so natural together I love them already. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Le147

    Anyone else see the Coach’s inherent Spock-ness?

  • andreina cortez

    While everyone is talking about the actors, I’m over here over the moon that red velvet’s “Rookie” came out.