Fight My Way Episode 12 English Sub



  • Manuel Schoel

    Finally, Sul-hee did what was necessary and long overdue! She accepted his bullshit long enough. He wasn’t (fully) committed to her, so she had no choice but to end it. That actually made her my favorite character of the drama. There was development. In the beginning she was too scared to let go but now it was too much for her to take.

  • trinityfhc

    So Dong Man’s landlord knows his dad. Hmmm. Could she have had an affair with him? If so, hopefully it was before he got married. Maybe her son is Dong Man’s half brother.

  • I don’t know why it makes me so sad whenever I see men cry. I was not ready for all those soppy masculine eyes in this episode.

  • c:

    GO SUL HEE!!!!

  • princess kaycee

    I have a feeling that the landlady must of been dong man’s dad past lover and maybe had dong man. I mean why would she hide like that if she wasn’t, plus when Nam Il said he could see the resemblance. Hmm I think the landlady and Nam Il are super rich, its just that the landlady wanted to look after and support her child in the shadows. Plus what Tak Su did was low, I hope dong man wins against him. Joo Man I really liked you, but because you took Sul Hee for granted, nahh. Sul Hee wouldn’t of left you if you didn’t show motive. Yes nothing happened bet you but its bad enough that you kept helping the trainee. She’s rich with a driver so for sure she has a butler somewhere plus he wanted to help. He could of turned a blind eye because he knew Sul Hee was already getting jealous. So I am glad Sul Hee was able to do that to the trainee and stand up for herself and be firm. I have a feeling that Sul Hee will achieve something more than just being a call center girl. I mean she did get huge compliments with her eating kimchi on the live broadcast so maybe she can be famous and well known maybe as a food blogger or in cf.. But yes good job baby girl you are flying.. Plus it was so cute with Dong Man and his dad you can see who he takes after..

  • Onggg 행복하세옹

    I’m so proud of Sul Hee.. She’s too nice that she taken for granted.. Be strongggg..