Doctor Stranger

Total Episodes: 20

Status: Completed

Genres: romance, medical

Description: A man with a genius IQ returns to a life he should have had only to experience alienation and a struggle for acceptance. Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is raised in North Korea for most of his life after his father, a gifted cardiothoracic surgeon, is sent there for a top-secret operation and is not able to return to South Korea. Hoon becomes an accomplished chest surgeon, like his father, and manages to escape to South Korea and goes to work in the prestigious Myeongwoo University Hospital. As he tries to adjust to his strange new life, Hoon finds himself at odds with Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin), a Harvard graduate who is the chief of thoracic surgery, while catching the eye of Oh Soo Hyeon (Kang Sora), Jae Joon’s fiancée and the daughter of the hospital chairman. Anesthesiologist Han Seung Hee bears a strong resemblance to Song Jae Hee (both played by Jin Se Yeon), Hoon’s girlfriend back in the North whom he wants desperately to come join him. Can the genius doctor find the money he needs to bring his love to South Korea and make a new life?

  • Mhe-ann Remetio RGomez

    I do really reallylove it!!!but i am looking forward for the part two because thier relationship of the two different couple doesnt yet clear also for the mom and hoon…love it super! Please part two of docyor stranger!!!super love le jung suk…cute and awesome!

    • cottoncandy

      does it have a vague ending? if it is please tell me so that i know if i should keep watching or not

      • jlbbmt10

        The ending is a happy one.

        • cottoncandy

          I stopped on ep 9 i couldn’t keep watching IDK

  • Lyn Napil-Santos

    ❤❤❤….Dr.Hoon & Jae Hee….

  • cristelene acabal

    i fall inlove the main cast. hihi👩💬Cool💫

  • cristelene acabal

    there’s no part 2