Criminal Minds Episode 4 English Sub



  • p-ja mk

    I cry a river, damn why this ep is so heartbreaking!

    The reaper is really immersed in his character. He so good in every character he does actually. And yeah, he is everywhere in kdramaland lately.

    • fiefaa26

      goshh. me too ! T_T

  • Champa Dinesh

    its a heart touching scene, when she dies

  • marites llorico

    shed tears for this episode…

  • bLanK

    i get it but i mean you know your family is in danger and like you’re in a high position, dont you like do everything to protect your family and have more than one person protecting them? Like i get it it’s a protection program but you’re in a high position, couldn’t you do something about it? Do whatever it takes to protect them? Sad that his wife died though

  • Rozrokz

    WTF spoiler alert! Did they really let the psycho escape. Really!!! After all that! Damn