Circle Episode 9 English Sub


  • LimNK

    Wow, you’re fast. Thank you^^

  • LimNK

    I wonder to whom that chief deputy report. And Woojin’s existence is make me confused to. I hope he’s alive

  • princess kaycee

    I hope Woo Jin is alive so that the twins can finally reunite again.. And the whole smart earth can just be destroyed. For me I am glad that the twins dad erased Byul’s memories and tried to leave no evidence of his research because he probably knew that other scientists would become crazy like Professor Han and Prof Park if they got their hands on info or technology that Byul is capable of giving to humans. Its really scary to think about how they can easily portray what could happen if this kind of situation happened in reality.

  • Ummu Ditya Erliana

    This is a cool drama. Cannot wait to the next! I think some people want to erase bad memories. However, it will be so bad if someone can block our memories. Scary future!

  • Aya Hettiti

    wow how can woo jin be human b

  • nana

    epsd 10 pleasee

  • M.Drama

    I won’t believe the words of a crazy person I’ll believe woo jin is dead if i see his dead body.