Bride of the Water God Episode 8 English Sub



  • Rice Higa

    I am speechless

  • YixieL

    the story abt gods is interesting but love story is kind of dull… there is no heart throbbing scene so far… need to see the next episode…but. i want to congratulate who cast nam joo hyuk, krystal and moon gyung…. they really suited their character…. they look like an alive dolls… really good looking people~ and their fashion is really daebak….

  • Goodness! That nurse/assistant is annoying.

  • Michelle Lazo

    it has episode8?? jinjja?? 👀

  • Ambika Sorokhaibam

    They know it very well how to make the viewers curious about the next episode. Damn ending though!! Epi 9 and 10 can’t wait🤗🤗❤

  • p-ja mk

    They challenge mr.CEO.. that is why he is agitated. dont wake up a sleep tiger. lol

    Jin Geon is the lead in my amazing boyfriend, isnt he? he debuted in China and looks like he makes a step further in Korea.

  • Amanda Koh

    Thanks iHeartDrama! U made my day!!