Bride of the Water God Episode 7 English Sub



  • Pamela Xiong

    Omg the ending is so intense😱😱😱😱😱 I knew it was him, can’t wait for tomorro! Who is her by the way???

    • Erah

      He is one of the gods

      • Pamela Xiong

        Wow, then is it his blood that was on the rock?

  • Marwatxox

    Hey mariam

  • Marwatxox

    Woahhhhh ik the guy had a special character from the beginning

  • Anetch

    My amazing boyfriend Kim Tae Hwan is here!

  • Robert Gale

    This is powerful, can’t wait till the next episode. Thank you for the upload.

  • Baekhyun Taeyeon

    im sorry but this ost is the same ost/background sound in weightlifting ? cause i think i hd heard this before but i could not remember as i am watching 8 drama in one time