Bride of the Water God Episode 6 English Sub


  • Eda Magtagnob

    who says it’s similar to goblin..i watch the goblin from start till end..this drama is uniquely different

    • jak

      I think the themes like a God who is in Love with a mortal who is also his bride same concept different details

      • Oranges

        A god falling in love doesn’t make it goblin they don’t own the rights to all god love stories

        • jak

          I think everyone here gets that… but are you saying you don’t see why people might compare them? LOL The comparisons are unavoidable- They came out the same year with the same concept- But no fear this is not even close to being on the SAME level as Goblin

          • Oranges

            never said that but what i think is that they aren’t that similar in my own opinion also Goblin is good but a little over rated

          • jak

            Ok. I agree Goblin was not the (greatest thing since sliced bread) I myself lost interest and only skimmed through the last few eps. I really like Gong Yoo and Lee DW. but the story was just kind of I don’t know fell flat- or maybe it was just the lead actress- I just did not feel the connection between the to actors. I mean they all did a good job but I think it was just really popular because of the “eye-candy”/ “star power” and production scale and value.

      • GaliMong

        But the manhwa came waaaaay before goblin’s script was even written

        • jak

          okkkk- No one said anyone copied- its just the same concept that is why they are being compared

    • Ruchi

      I totally agree. Plus this is wayyyy better than Goblin! 😀

    • Nayuka Nari

      Why compare? I enjoy each for their uniqueness and great acting. There is mystery, impending doom, hilarity, nail-biting episodes, romance, strong plots and really good acting. I’m loving them both!

  • YixieL

    nam joo hyuk~ i dont really like watching fantasy,… but nam joo hyuk really looks cool… hahaha

  • Baekhyun Taeyeon

    i just hope there is a button ” hide ads ” they are reallt disturbing me