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    Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg he got his powers back can’t wait until tomorrow aaaahhhhh…

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    i hate that roses!

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    OMG!!! HIS POWERS! KRYSTAL AS A BAD GOD! THE OTHER GOD AS HER FRIEND??? ALSO IN COHORTS WITH KRYSTAL?? DID I MENTION HIS POWERS?!!?!? God please make time speed up or should I just borrow Tao’s powers???

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    Otokae?? Otokaji?? I think I love this drama toooo much cuz when it ends will I have the will to live on?!???? Oh WELP!!!

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    this should have been the first episode- it was better than the first 2

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    ok, now I’m on board..i think? 🙂

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    HOLY COW- this whole time I was thinking this girl from (BOYS OVER FLOWERS looks great but somehow different) Turns out this is the women from (THE GIRL WHO SEES SMELLS) 2 different people MIND BLOWN!~ they really really look alike they should make a movie together.

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    best drama ever omfg

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